Siasia and Co guilty of “Parochial Sentiments” – Dalung


Sports Minister, Barrister Solomon Dalung has been highly critical of Nigeria football and has spared no attempts to lay into Administrators since he assumed office, however his focus seem to have turn to team officials now and his latest victim turned out to be the Head Coach of the Dream Team VI Samson Siasia.Dalung said Nigerian Coaches a guilty of “Parochial Sentiments” when it comes to team selection for International competitions.

The Minister did not mind butting in on specific team matters when he blatantly faulted Siasia’s 35-man provisional list for the Rio 2016 Olympic Men’s Football Tournament.

He insists cutting off players who helped Nigeria qualify for the Summer games for entirely new faces was outright and fundamentally wrong and against ” team spirit.”

Though he made no attempt to influence the list, Dalung surely would have spoken the minds of some stakeholders.


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