The executive secretary of the Nigeria Professional Football League Limited – the league-governing arm of Giwa’s Nigeria Football Federation faction – Kasali Obanoyen has rebuffed suggestions that his faction of the NFF is out to disrupt the nation’s football league.

Obanoyen, while speaking to the media yesterday at the abandoned office of the Nigeria Football League (NFL) in Abuja, had disclosed that, following the “revoking of the license of the League Management Company (LMC),” the NPFL Ltd had contacted the NPFL clubs and that they were willing to join-up and continue the league under the NPFL Ltd.

Upon being asked if the action would not disrupt an already existing league and polarise the football family further, seeing as it had a number of issues to deal with at present, Obanoyen said: “No, it will not, because, legally, the license of the already-existing LMC has been revoked by the NFF under Giwa and it would have no reason to continue to run the league. It is basic.”

A source within the NFF, however, rebuffed the development and simply chose to say: “It is nonsense. You don’t just get the league by making wild claims and choosing to sow seeds of discord.

“Giwa’s NFF did not give the LMC the license to operate and it cannot take it away. Why are we not surprised? Simply, his club has been disbanded, so he is hurt and willing to go to any length to get retribution and, in the even that he fails, create havoc and disrupt proceedings. We do not know where he gets his backing from, but, whoever is backing him to succeed is backing Nigerian football to fail,” the source who would not be named told LEADERSHIP Sports.