M&T Collection partners with Zitalo Investment Limited.


Hello, good evening my Friends, and well wishers I hope we all had a wonderful day. I’m happy to announce to you my new business partnership with Zitalo Investment Limited. I would also love to have your support towards the brand either by recommendations or by direct patronage. It will be deeply appreciated and will be a choice you would never regret making. Quality brand and service is 100% guaranteed with us.✔✔✔. Let us rebrand your home for the best, with the best.

Zitalo Investment Limited (ZIL) was formally registered in Nigeria in 2009 and Ghana in 2013 to carry out the development and distribution of Zitalo branded in-built kitchen appliances and other related building finishing materials for the African Market.
ZIL is a leader in the development and distribution of good quality kitchen appliances in Nigeria. ZIL is very active in the Project (Contract) sector, traditional distribution networks and key retail outlets through strong relationship with our distributors and retailers.
Product range include Range Hood (kitchen hood), Gas hobs, Electric hobs, Gas & Electric Ovens, Microwave Ovens (in-built and table top models), kitchen sinks (mainly stainless steel materials), range of kitchen accessories, kitchen faucets (mixers), Sterilizers, Dishwashers, and several new products under development.
We have also developed strategic relationship with some other international brands such as GENEBRE and ZEZI for the distribution of Washroom/Bathroom products in Africa.
Our strategy is to partnering with reputable distributors and retail outlets, developers and builders, Estates and Hotels in getting our products to the end users across Africa. We have supplied our products into projects in several cities in Nigeria (Lagos, Portharcourt, Abuja, Enugu, Asaba, Uyo, Calabar, Warri, Benin, Kano, Sokoto etc) and also into Ghana and Sierra Leone.
ZIL understands the peculiar need of its markets hence very active in responding to the ever changing need of its customers. Our products come with safety devices and are equipped with latest technology thereby ensuring customer satisfaction. We keep a team of young and vibrant industrial designers providing modern and intelligent product portfolio. We have an after sales service centre in Lagos, Ghana and Sierra Leone and provide a 24 hour service support for all our products. Technical support is offered to customers during the installation of our products

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