The first piece of music from J. Cole’s mysterious “contributor” drops.


When J. Cole released his album artwork and track list today, fans were surprised to see another name featured on some of the songs, an unknown artist known as kiLL edward. J. Cole is known for dropping albums with absolutely no features, so Cole fans scoured the internet in an attempt to figure out who exactly kiLL edward is.What they found was “Tidal Wave,” a reference track that was uploaded two days ago. With no cover art, and less than two minutes of singing, you wouldn’t think that there’d be very much to go on, but to many fans, kiLL edward’s secret identity is obvious: it’s J. Cole.

Surprise! If kiLL edward really is a pitched-down J. Cole, then he’ll have technically kept up his no features streak, but what exactly is the point of having fans go on a wild goose chase only to find out that it’s just Cole? Of course, this is really just speculation, so it’s possible that there really is a mystery kiLL edward running around somewhere.

As for the song itself, it’s obviously incomplete, but it features edward singing a soulful melody over a stripped down piano tune. Consider it a preview of what’s to come this Friday, when K.O.D. drops.


Mp3 DOWNLOAD : TIDAL WAVE – J.Cole (kiLL Edward)