It’s been a year since Lou the Human released his debut mixtape, Humaniac last year. But as the internet goes, it’s already been too long. So, he’s been cookin’ it up in the studio in preparation for the summer. The result, his new single, “Sour.”

Lou The Human Follows Up “Humaniac” Mixtape With “Sour”

The 23-year-old Staten Island rapper is a favourite amongst the underground crowd. He’s often compared to rappers from the so-called “golden age of hip-hop.” We’d say he’s more of an unofficial member of brat groups like RatKing or Odd Future. Lou’s lyrics are horrorcore, riddled with blood and gut references. But he does have a thing for wordplay, it’s no wonder Eminem has been cited as one of his influences.

“Sour” produced by Onlunchbreak comes with a video directed by justicewearscoolpants. There isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but maybe that’s the point. You don’t have to do much to be fly. Which is a contrast to rappers doing way too much and not really say shit.

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