Vic Mensa has garnered a reputation as hip-hop’s socially conscious intellectual, defender of Chicago, nemesis of Akademiks, and so forth. Yet today, the Roc Nation artist has decided it was time to stunt, and can you really blame him? It seems as if that’s what the public wants to see. He even manages to deliver a full-fledged “Migos flow,” namedropping Quavo Huncho in the autotune-tinged chorus. One might question Mensa’s motivations for pursuing such an alternative stylistic direction, but the rapper is talented enough to pull it out with conviction. Especially given the fact that the Jigga Man is signing his checks.

Vic Mensa Taps G-Eazy To Ball Out In “Reverse”

Over a piano loop courtesy of Marshmello, Mensa proceeds to lay down some braggadocio, rapping “Keep her panty droppin’, ridin’ shotgun like she Kurt, we been through the traffic, with my ratchet in the purse, in a Saint Laurent straitjacket, if I crash I go berserk.” Fashion references on deck. Perhaps this transformation is equivalent to the climactic scene in Grease, in which Sandra D dons the leather. Still, it’s a welcome change from Mensa, who seems to be cooking up plenty of heat these days.

Young Gerald holds down the second verse for good measure, delivering exactly what you might expect from the Bay Area rapper. “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a man that’s gone insane,” raps G-Eazy. “He’s in stage in a straight jacket, this is not a game.” Clearly, both men have an affinity for straitjackets. Especially those of the name brand variety.





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