Mp3 DOWNLOAD : RED VANS – The Colleagues Feat. Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs & The Colleagues Connect On “Red Vans”

Quotable Lyrics
N***a, fuck this rap shit, we was wrapping up a package, yeah
Bust down on your block and use a op for target practice, yeah
Got my shit expunged, I took them crackers off my jacket, yeah
Yeah them crackers, I’m back to jackin’
Got on probation, in the way, but I was still packin’
I keep my strap next to my bad bitch, I ain’t never lackin’
That high-speed chase, we bustin’ at the sergeant and the captain


Download “Red Vans by The Colleagues Feat. Freddie Gibbs” The_Colleagues_Ft_Freddie_Gibbs_-_Red_Vans.mp3 – Downloaded 85 times – 9 MB


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