With young rappers getting more energetic and more aggressive, now is the perfect time for G.O.O.D. Music’s Desiigner to make his return, and he does it in a big way with “Priice Tag” off his new L.O.D. album.

Desiigner Snaps On “Priice Tag”

From the moment you hear the classic “OMG Ronny” drop, it’s obvious that we’ll be getting some grimy production from producer Ronny J, and he doesn’t disappoint. Threaded with a simple modulating synth melody, the drums and bass kick with extra strength, and the simplicity of the melody gives Desiigner more than enough room to spaz out on the track.

Listen to the lead single of Desiigner’s unexpected “L.O.D.” album.

Desiigner comes through swinging on this track, with a bouncy flow that fits perfectly on both the louder and quieter parts of the song. Desiigner’s energy is his main selling point, and he brings it here, alongside the hundreds of “grraaaa” ad libs that no good Desiigner song would be complete without.

Desiigner also graced us with a video for the track, which features Desiigner in several fancy looking jackets wilding out in a fancy mansion. The song is definitely on the shorter side, but it’s just enough to get yourself hype if you need to.




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