On the heels of announcing his new Simi mixtape, BlocBoy JB has rolled out yet another single. This time, he’s tapping Lil Pump for the assist, which is either a blessing or a curse depending on who you’re asking. While not nearly as immediate as “Look Alive,” “Nun Of Dat” is cut from the same, piano driven cloth as the 6 God/BlocBoy hit, despite lacking some of the finesse.

BlocBoy JB Taps Lil Pump For New Banger “Nun Of Dat”

Perhaps that’s merely the Pump effect. We’ve already come to understand that the young Floridian is loath to stray from his comfort zone. In that regard, don’t expect to stray far from the jewelry, money, and “your bitch” territory. Still, there’s no denying that Pump is a big name right now, and it’s a testament to the rising clout of BlocBoy, who once again delivers a solid verse. At times, it feels like he’s channeling Famous Dex, with an animated delivery and occasionally goofy cadence.

If you’re not sold on the rapidly growing phenomenon that is BlocBoy, perhaps “Nun Of Dat” is not the best introduction. Yet if you’ve already bought into what he’s peddling, it should be another worthwhile banger to add to your next playlist.




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