“No Bystanders” has a tricky double meaning.


Juice WRLD has always seemed like a natural fit for a Travis Scott feature. Scott’s been rapping, like Juice WRLD, about doing too many drugs for ages now, like on 2014’s Skyfall, where he’s “trapped in [his] conscious” and the “drugs keep on calling and the sky keep on fallin.”The feeling of being trapped and alone returns on “No Bystanders,” which Juice WRLD starts by singing, “the party never ends/In a motel, laying with my sins, yeah/I’m tryna get revenge/You’ll be all out of love in the end.” The song switches back and forth between the desire to party and forget and the desire to look inward. Or, maybe not the desire to look inward, but being forced to once there’s nobody else around, when there are no bystanders (a phrase Scott has also use on his live audience to get their asses up off the wall).

Luckily for La Flame, there are enough features on Astroworld to keep him company till his next album comes out.

Quotable Lyrics

Bicentennial man, put the city on slam
She get trippy off Xans
Lost 21 grams, and she did it on cam
Weren’t no video dance
Make my own rules, I really don’t pick, I just choose
I don’t set picks, I just shoot
Chopper gettin’ screwed
I told her it’s B.Y.O.B., that mean buy your own booze