XO’s Belly & Nav go in over a hypnotic beat on “Maintain.”


Although Belly has been in the game for a minute, he has continually evolved his sound to incorporate newer trends and styles that make their way into music. With this, he has grown a steady catalog over the years and while he remains one of the more slept on artists, his upcoming album will likely shift things in that aspect. The previously released “4 Days” with YG impressed many and it is likely that “Maintain” with Toronto rapper Nav will do the same.

Both Belly and Nav take their turns over a smooth, hypnotic beat, speaking about the

ir material possessions and bragging about their flashy watches. The XO boys do not disappoint here as the track leads to further anticipation for Belly’s Midnight Zone project. Working extensively with Jay-Z on the album, Belly may be ready for a serious level up with the upcoming drop, building hype as fans wait with high hopes.

Quotable Lyrics:

I just spent a cool 60 on my wristwear
Man, I want 10 plain Janes, wanna be like Ric Flair
My blood diamonds cost me blood and sweat and tears
Now my mind and all my stones are crystal clear
Fake watch busters, ain’t never bustin’ me
Every one of my jewelers get paid, they trust in me

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