While his debut album Until Death Call My Name was surrounded by his ongoing legal controversies, the album revealed somewhat of a tortured soul; the idea that a man so young has already experienced such violence is difficult to fathom for many hip-hop consumer, who seem content to judge from afar. Yet NBA’s project has stood the test and one of the year’s most impressive offerings, converting the skeptics, and solidifying fan theories that he may very well be next up.

Youngboy Never Broke Again Drops Emotional Banger “Location”

Youngboy Never Broke Again continues to enjoy a prolific 2018 campaign.

As such, Youngboy has seized momentum; the rapper recently dropped off a mixtape by the name of Master The Day Of Judgement, and now comes forward with a new single. The track, titled “Location,” finds Youngboy navigating an emotional piano progression, while addressing the price of fame with melodic prowess. “I’m in the streets though, I came a long way from the can,” reflects NBA, “memories keep me happy so I’m doing my dance.”






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