BlocBoy JB’s Simi is the answer to the crass response his sudden impact has aroused. Rap fans were quick to question how and why a little known rapper from Memphis suddenly became a household name. The argument that Drake’s co-sign was instrumental made the rounds. Never the less, it’s his go-to-producer Tay-Keith who has managed to regenerate national interest in the Memphis scene. His beat for “Look Alive” is the building block of this conversation.

BlocBoy JB Is “Left Hand” Stunting With His Best Friend

“Left Hand” is the work of man stubbornly going about his business on his terms, by his damn self. The message is driven home in spirit by the songs quick and easy running time. “Left Hand” like the sexual act it teases, lasts no longer than a minute and 40 seconds. “I don’t have a best friend, bitch I got a left hand,” says all you need to know about his gumption to succeed, and a little about his sense of humor too.

BlocBoy JB repping Grape Street, Memphis Tennessee.






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BlocBoy JB Simi Full Album Track-List

01. BlocBoy JB – Turnt Up
02. BlocBoy JB – Look Alive feat. Drake DOWNLOAD
03. BlocBoy JB – Nun of Dat feat Lil Pump 
04. BlocBoy JB – Good Day
05. BlocBoy JB – Left Hand
06. BlocBoy JB – Asian Bitch feat Moneybagg Yo DOWNLOAD
07. BlocBoy JB – Rover 2.0 feat. 21 Savage
08. BlocBoy JB – Shoot
09. BlocBoy JB – Wait
10. BlocBoy JB – Nike Swoosh feat YG
11. BlocBoy JB – Mamacita
12. BlocBoy JB – Mexico
13. BlocBoy JB – No Velcro
14. BlocBoy JB – Left Right
15. BlocBoy JB – No Chorus, Pt. 11
16. BlocBoy JB – Straight Drop
17. BlocBoy JB – Feature
18. BlocBoy JB – Outro