The time has come. After a lively listening party, Kids See Ghosts has materialized on Tidal. Admittedly, the album remains minutes old, and therefore, drawing conclusions on “highlights” is admittedly premature. Yet such is the task, and it seems suitable to lead with the album’s title track. On “Kids See Ghosts” Cudi proclaims “kids see ghosts” sometimes as somewhat of a pagan chat, perhaps reflecting on a traumatic encounter with the supernatural or otherwise making a deeper metaphorical statement. In the words of the doctor from Family Guy, “can’t it be both?”

Kanye West & Kid Cudi Are Delightfully Haunting On “Kids See Ghosts”

Production-wise, “Kids See Ghosts” opens with a lush, ominous drum line, backed by a shrill, eerie synth line. The entire soundscape evokes the paranormal, a statement backed by Cudi’s subdued delivery. While he plays a pivotal role in setting the tone, it’s Ye who makes an effort to run away with it, setting things off with his most focused flow in a minute. “I like breakfast in bed, but I love breakfast and head,” he raps, “for anybody who said that I was better off dead.” For anyone who thought Ye was simply a warm-up, you may very well be correct in your assessment.

Again, I reiterate, the album is still to young for a true “highlight” to emerge. There’s no doubt that the project is cohesive, and masterful in its brevity. An early skim seems promising, and thus, you’re encouraged to draw your own conclusions. All things considered, “Kids See Ghosts” is haunting in the best possible way.

NOTE: As of this moment, the Tidal stream has the song titles all mixed up. “Kids See Ghosts” was mistakenly labelled as “Fire.”




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