Tee Grizzley has returned to make an impact on the game. The arrival of his new Activated album is mere hours young, but it’s clear that the project is a solid experience from front to back. While it’s no secret that Tee is a solid lyricist, one of Activated’s most immediate tracks features a collaboration with the antithesis of lyricism – Lil Pump, or as he may currently wish to be called, Jettski. Over a hectic “From The D To The A” esque piano line, Tee and Pump exchange verses in a back and forth manner, showcasing a somewhat surprising chemistry.

Tee Grizzley Joins Forces With Lil Pump On “Jettski Grizzley”

Grizzley is in fine form, blending hilariously blue-collar lines like “I’m in love with my bitch ass-cheeks” with the lavish lifestyle of a reformed gangster. To Pump’s credit, he actually comes through with a solid pair of verses, holding his own against the more naturally gifted Grizzley. Admittedly, Pump’s subject matter remains somewhat limited, with references to lean, cocaine, and his “bitches” remaining an abundant focus. Still, Pump has proven through a variety of features that his flow is on point, and sometimes, that’s all you really need.

If you haven’t yet checked out Activated, you might want to get on that. Don’t sleep on Tee Grizzley, and even you are decidedly anti-Pump, you might find yourself enjoying this one nonetheless.

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