Mp3 DOWNLOAD : IN COLD BLOOD – Alt-J Feat. Pusha T & Twin Shadow

The viewers of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert were surprised by the musical performance last night. alt-j brought collaborators Pusha T and Twin Shadow to rock the stage with them. The group performed an alternate version of “In Cold Blood.” The original appears on their most recent album Relaxer.

Startling robotic voices kick off the track. Think of them as the smoothed out cousins of those found in “Intergalactic.” Then, the pulse steadies with a combination of plucked rhythmic guitar over a sparse programmed-drums track. Though the song definitely has a different feel from other alt-j songs thanks to the new juice pumped into it by Pusha and Twin Shadow, their signature laid-back feel is present. The track hits below the three-minute mark, making the repeat bumping quasi-inevitable.

The group’s sentiment was shared in a press release,“We are absolutely thrilled to have done this collaboration with Pusha T and Twin Shadow. What they have done with our track is inventive, playful, and very forward thinking. We hope you love it as much as we do.” Pusha T has shared numerous festival lineups with the group. The collaboration comes as a surprise, though it may have inadvertently been in the making for a while.


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