Mp3 DOWNLOAD : IF HE DIES HE DIES (Tory Lanez Diss) – Mysonne

Tory Lanez opened the door, and rappers have begun lining up for a shot. “Your mouth gon run a cheque that your ass can’t cash,” warns Mysonne, one of the latest to try his hand. “And you realize that you’re playing with a n***a that ain’t playing.”

The rapper proceeds to unleash a clinic upon Tory Lanez, who basically declared open season upon himself. At least, insofar as New York rappers are concerned. Right now, they’re looking at Lanez like a Queensbridge resident might look upon hearing The Bridge declared over. Of course, this is exactly what Tory wants, though one has to wonder if the smoke will ultimately catch up to him. How many diss tracks can the man muster? That is, even he even steps up to Mysonne in the first place.

In any case, the opportunity is there for the taking. Mysonne’s “If He Dies He Dies” sets Lanez in the crosshairs, as hairlines are ridiculed, Drake is referenced, and RnB tendencies are clowned. Of course, Mysonne’s technical prowess is admirable, and he brings a sense of gravitas to each punchline, even when dipping in slightly familiar ground. “The nerve of this n****, got hot off of AutoTunes, did songs with street n***s, now you feel like you a goon,” raps Mysonne. “That hairline is playing with ya brain, somebody tell Tory better stay up in his lane.”

Check out Mysonne’s attempt, and sound off below. Should Tory respond?




Download “If He Dies He Dies (Tory Lanez Diss) by Mysonne” Mysonne-If-He-Dies-He-Dies-Tory-Lanez-Diss-.mp3 – Downloaded 373 times – 6 MB


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