MP3 DOWNLOAD: I Hate Everything The Alchemist Feat. Action Bronson

Action Bronson and The Alchemist deliver zany reflections on “The Food Villain” standout “I Hate Everything.”


The Alchemist’s The Food Villain has arrived. Though some might have been expecting something closer to a full-blown collaborative album, the final product was a strange and occasionally trippy odyssey through Alch’s mile-a-minute mind. As such, his latest album is closer to an acquired taste than an accessible platter of fast food. Be that as it may, there’s plenty of nutritional value to be found, especially during the brief but enjoyable collaboration with Action Bronson “I Hate Everything.”In reality, the zany track is hardly long enough to leave a lasting impression, especially given some of the previous releases the pair have concocted. Still, this is an Action Bronson and Alchemist duet and should be respected as such, much in the same way two top tier reality TV chefs should be during a crossover episode. Expect plenty of dark humor to be packed within the one-twenty runtime, and Action Bronson doesn’t deliver on that front. “Got me a ride or die bitch like Magic Johnson’s wife,” he raps, over Alc’s production. “I wish my parents named me Constantine / Found out Johnny got left in a dumpster, it wasn’t a shock to me.”

Download “The_Alchemist_Ft_Action_Bronson_-_I_Hate_Everything.mp3” The_Alchemist_Ft_Action_Bronson_-_I_Hate_Everything.mp3 – Downloaded 67 times – 3 MB



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