As one of the leaders of the new school, a lot is expected out of Uzi with every release and he definitely comes through on ‘Everything Lit.” The song is less formulaic than his regular singles as he rhymes over a hypnotic loop, going for more of an unstructured finish. When you think the beat is going to drop, you’ve gotten yourself fooled but when it finally does, the payoff is real. With two new tracks surfacing today, it’s worth it to keep an eye on the young artist as he’s been rumored to be teasing a new project titled Eternal Atake. With the entertainer spitting “Luv Is Rage” a few times throughout the song, it makes us think this is an older loosie. Regardless, we’re stoked that it’s readily available now, though.

From “Everything Lit” and “Introvert,” which are you feeling more? I’m crossing my fingers that this means more new Uzi soon.


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