Molly Brazy released two front-to-back solid mixtapes in 2017, and her batting average is looking just as high in 2018. Her new track “Even The Odds” finds her working once again with her most frequent and complementary collaborator, Go Grizzly, on a high-BPM track that plays to her strengths. Not only can Molly rap her ass off, she can also write a memorable hook without breaking from her confrontational rap style.


Listen To Molly Brazy’s Gritty Detroit Rap Track “Even The Odds”

Her urgent, double-time raps fit right into the current moment in Detroit rap (she’d sound right at home next to Tee Grizzley), but at the same time, Molly stands out as one of the best, most unique voices in her city. No word on when her next mixtape is due out, but if it’s anywhere near as good as her last two, we’ll surely be hearing a lot more from her in the future.