Tyler, The Creator continues with the steady drop of loosies. This time, he’s re-purposing one of June’s best tracks thus far, the Kanye West & Kid Cudi led “Kids See Ghosts.” Dubbing it “Crust In Their Eyes,” Tyler takes to the leaky-faucet instrumental with some personal bars, rapping “my sister called the other day and said she loved me wassup, I called her back and said Im sorry that I don’t say it enough.” Wise words; if you have a sister, maybe consider giving her a call.

Tyler The Creator Spits Fire Over “Kids See Ghosts” Instrumental

As the track progresses, Tyler kicks some mixtape-ready bars, clowning on those hiding behind a self-constructed veneer. “These n***a fakes confident, fake show how they feel then go home and big cry cause their acne is real,” raps Tyler, conjuring images of The Simpsons legend Squeaky Voiced Teen. Sadly, the track is finished before it truly blossoms, but Tyler’s spontaneous release highlights an enjoyable side of his artistry; more “rapper” than “auteur.”

On Twitter, Tyler spoke about the song’s creation. “So i like this song alot and wrote to it the same hour i heard it,” he explains. “my friend sent me the instrumental i recorded it that night and here you go cause why not let it exist.” Ultimately, it was a good call.



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