The Internet is edging closer to the release of Hive Mind, and yes they’ve supplied a second single to get the fire burning. “Come Over” employs a similar groove pattern to music crafted by Steve Lacy in his past dalliances: basic guitar chords, a loose snare drum, and a main vox mix. But in this instance, unlike on “Roll (Burbank Funk),” Syd is back in the pilot seat, her voice conveying a submissiveness to whomever she is calling upon to “Come Over.”

“If you just love me, come over.”

The Internet Release “Come Over” Ahead Of Return Album “Hive Mind”

Syd motions to Lacy to commence his virtuoso performance on the guitar after the second verse. Steve Lacy does his best Eddie Hazel impression offering melody gift wrapped in fuzzy distortion. “If you just love me, come over” gets repeated ad nauseam indicating an “almost correct” course of action. As a group, The Internet rarely scores low on seduction. Syd revealed in a press release that she felt her group was “the only band of our kind,” to boldly go in that direction. What you ask? A direction characterized by minimal arrangements, great mixing, and an underlying message of “Black Love.”

ENJOY !!!!



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