Listen to Tyler The Creator’s new remix to Trouble & Drake’s “Bring It Back” single.


After hitting us with the “throwaway” track “OKRA” last week, Tyler The Creator is back today with more new music for fans, but this time around he’s tackling Trouble and Drake’s Edgewood single “Bring It Back.”

“Travis ( taco) played me this song last week and the pocket of the snare and kick drum had me like wow then i heard the guy rap, trouble is his name, and i was like wow i love this song,” Tyler said on Twitter along with the song. “I face timed mike will and was like wow this song, and he sent the instrumental and i was like bet, this will be fun. i might just start adding verses to songs i like cause fuck it why not. such a weird beat but i love it hope you enjoy it was fun holla”

Take a listen and let us know what you think of Tyler’s version. Hopefully he stays true to his word and hits us with a couple more remixes as well. Stay tuned.

Quotable Lyrics:

Ayo, Converse selling out they got their thumbs tied
Re-up on my deal let’s make it 1-5
And I ain’t talking point that gorilla if I point
He gon’ get you that’s the point no lie
Hit the gas and we outta there (skrt)
Like it’s mountain wear
Lately I’ve been dolo in this bitch
Shout out Solo that’s big sis
Shout out Frankie that’s big bro
Ya lil’ homie running shit no question




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