oming off the success of his new Summer record “Woop Woop,” Kid Ink decides to come through today and share his follow up record called “Big Deal,” which he’s been teasing on social media all week long.

Rather than going for the radio-driven pop record that he did with “Woop Woop,” Kid Ink delivers a more gritty rap record that finds him rapping about living life in a big way over production from Bankroll Got It. From big deals to big wheels, Ink reminds us that there’s levels to this shit, and that he’s endured it all to get to where he’s at today. It’s unclear at the moment if this song will see life on his next project or just serve as a little Summer treat for the fans, but either way we’re all for it. 

Available on iTunes, take a listen to the new single and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics:

I’ve been lowkey like locksmith
But I know you love it when I pop shit
Fishtail the Chevy out the lot quick
Watch the side turn into a rocket
Been ill way before the big deal
Back when we was living off fillet and fish meals
Young nigga came up, hit the windmill
See you playing, at your heart, I’m a win still


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