MP3 DOWNLOAD: Ariana Grande – 34+35 (Remix) Ft. Megan Thee Stallion & Doja Cat

As fans expected, Ariana Grande is giving her viral hit “34+35” an upgrade with the help of Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat. Megan and Doja add their flavor to Ariana’s pop princess mix to make it a hit.

There have been requests for these ladies to hop on a track together for months as each of their dedicated fan bases has flooded social media with requests, and on Thursday (January 14), Ariana revealed that she’d obliged.

Grande’s hit single “34+35” arrived courtesy of her chart-topping album Positions that she shared the day before Halloween last year. The single would have been a pop hit without the help of TikTok, but having the song go viral on the popular app certainly helped.

Download “Ariana_Grande_Ft_Megan_Thee_Stallion_Doja_Cat_-_34_35_Remix_.mp3” Ariana_Grande_Ft_Megan_Thee_Stallion_Doja_Cat_-_34_35_Remix_.mp3 – Downloaded 867 times – 3 MB




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