Sam Spiegel’s name may not ring too many bells on either end of the rap spectrum but he’s veering pretty close. The New York-bred DJ-Producer-Jack-of-all-trades happens to the be the brother of acclaimed cinematographer Spike Jonze, with whom he’s got his feet wet in the entertainment complex. “20 Below” is his personal commission to Anderson .Paak & Doja Cat, two artist known to represent an affinity for electro-acoustic soundscapes. In many ways, “20 Below” feels like a marriage of convenience, neither nor in the breaking of any rules.

Anderson .Paak & Doja Cat Cover New Ground On Sam Spiegels’ “20 Below”

To one’s benefit, Anderson .Paak delivers his least affected performance in recent memory. In lieu of the usual melting groove, Paak visits the exposition of his senses. “20 Below” is temperate the way hot ice emerges from a carefully planned experiment. Doja Cat is no slouch, her flow seemingly unbreakable, until the musical refrain allows for Anderson .Paak to tag himself in.

Spiegel plans to roll out roughly 20 singles of the like, in the next two years. Much of his material is sitting in a receptacle some place safe and sound. Hit us with your thoughts on “20 Below.”





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