Last week, Heads got the latest peek at some of Dr. Dre’s storied Detox recordings. A medley of short snippets posted online by an anonymous user. They are believed to be some of the mogul’s vaulted sessions to a third album in the Chronic trilogy. One of those songs was especially significant, in that Dre announced “Chronic 3” in his lyrics.

Publicist and music journalist Chad Kiser has uploaded the full version of that song and posted it on his website. Titled “12 Steps To Recovery,” the song appears to have some fun with numbers as Dre revisits his journey from a music-obsessed DJ in Compton, California doing it out of love to the top of the Forbeslist. In the solo cut, he professes that he’s in top form, and refuses to leave the game any less than #1 (referencing a classic Boogie Down Productions line). Detox was long thought to be an exodus from album-making by a living legend.

 Dr. Dre & Bootsy Collins Have Been “Putting Stuff Together” In The Studio

Break out your f*ckin’ Swishers, light up your f*ckin’ weed / I’d like to introduce you all to the Chronic 3 / It’s D-R period-Dre, muthaf*cka / Back to set the record straight for muthf*ckas,” prescribes the doctor, asking all to roll up and take in his post-Y2K smoke. Presumably from the late 2000s, Dre counts back the days since 2001 (or possibly when the Detox rumors started several years after) and thanks his patients for their patience. “Eight straight summers they’ve been patiently waiting / And I’d like to thank you all for being patient,” he spits, in pursuit of stating “10 million reasons why you can’t f*ck with Detox.” The MC has two verses and uses the opportunity to promise platinum success.

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