I was about sixteen years when my elder brother had an accident. He broke his arm and had to stay with us for proper attention. My dad had a Motorola phone, the one with a small pole on the head. I started using phone since my junior secondary but it got spoilt and I had to rely on my dad’s own. 
On that fateful day, I was asked by my dad to go collect drugs from my elder sister. I needed a phone to keep communicating with my elder sister and for that, my dad had to tell me to take his phone along. I was about stepping out of the house when his phone rang. I quickly picked it, thinking that must be my sister but a voice thundered “ashawo, leave my husband alone. You hear? This is Mandela’s wife. Stop sleeping with my husband”. I stood struck by that. I couldn’t talk and her voice kept coming through. I was dazed. I took the phone to my dad but the call ended before I got to him. He thought I had left and was surprised to see me. “Daddy, o nwere nwanyi kporo m. She was shouting I should leave her husband alone” and then the phone rang again and he picked it himself. 
The women went on and on. I heard my dad apologizing at the end and assuring her it isn’t his daughter and there must be a mixed up somewhere or maybe wrong network connection. According to my dad, she was telling him not to swear on behalf of children nowadays, because they can do and undo. My dad told her that I am just sixteen but she couldn’t hear that. She told my dad that she had heard a lot about a girl dating the husband in his business place and she finally calmed down when my dad told her I don’t do business nor stay there. 
I was in shock. You have seen how a little innocent girl became a husband snatcher? I later connected the dots and my dad was glad for that. I thought deeply about that. Now, she mentioned a business place and that is where my brother did his business. She also mentioned the husband’s name and we later found out he was my brother’s friend. 
This is the thing, my brother had been using my dad’s number to call her husband to monitor how business was going. So she suspected the number calling regularly for a while. She took the number to call and coincidentally, I was with the phone and hearing a girl’s voice confirmed her suspicion.
My questions are:

-Is this how she’ll continue dialing all numbers that call her husband regularly?

-Why was she not demanding answers from the husband but calling a lady who didn’t force the husband into any affair?

-How sure was she that the lady in question was dating her husband?


what do you think?

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