Jennifer Lopez has been around for decades now, thus solidifying her place among pop’s upper echelon. Viewed by many as one of, if not the, baddest in the game, J. Lo has recently embraced the ongoing popularity of Latin-inspired pop music. Enter he latest single, the flexer’s anthem “Dinero,” which finds the talented singer boasting over an uptempo, Spanish infused instrumental.

Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B & DJ Khaled Celebrate The “Dinero”

For better or worse, DJ Khaled happened to mark his territory, shouting “Another One” to the point of parody. While it’s unclear what exactly he contributed to this track, his name and affable nature still carry a certain weight on the charts.

Cardi B closes things out with a solid verse, and while it does have all the qualities of a featured appearance, her presence serves to enhance the track’s inherent flavor. If you remain unconvinced by her undeniable stardom, you’ll no doubt find little solace here. Yet it wouldn’t be surprising to hear “Dinero” popping off throughout the summer. Check it out now.



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