COMMUNITY PENIS- KEEP OFF ————— by Chisara Agoha


I have talked about our dog and will still talk about him today. Kubia was his name. A very lovable dog and I can say I was his personal trainer. I trained him before anyone else. My mum did too. He behaved like my mother’s child and so without saying, we saw him as a brother. We also cried for him when we he died.

There are a lot of things I see humans excuse as normal that even our dog knew aren’t normal. Oh yes! What was one of the things you wouldn’t find our dog doing? You wouldn’t find him eating food he wasn’t permitted to eat. He didn’t eat food that wasn’t in his plate firstly. You would also need to call him to eat even if it was on his plate.

Food can be on that his plate or any other plate, he would lie down and be looking until my mum or any other calls him to it. No matter how hungry he might be, he won’t until permitted.

That was a dog. Now, some humans will tell you how can a woman be with them and not permit them to touch? In the most annoying way, they attribute that to food. How can you see food in front of you and you can’t eat?
Firstly, a woman isn’t food. Don’t come here and tutor me about its figurative note. Secondly, like my dog felt it isn’t his food until permitted, so you should think. You have your body, she has hers. No one controls what happens with the body of the other. That body isn’t yours and you should let that stick. She decides who to sleep with, when to sleep with you and what is comfortable for her.

So when people excuse rape as how unfair it is to see food and not to eat, I know my dog was more classy than some humans. You feel you should eat every food? Why don’t you go to your village and eat from every pot you see. Oooooh, you fear being poisoned but you still think it is your entitlement to have sex whether she says yes or NO? My dog was obviously better groomed than some humans.

She exposed her body and tempting me. Oga, why haven’t you stolen the money that is counted on the counter every time you go to the bank? Why haven’t you eaten all the food that are exposed in the eateries? Why haven’t you stolen every good thing you see in the market? Simple, they are not yours and taking them is stealing and it can land you in jail. So is rape. When you forcefully have sex with a woman, you have taken what doesn’t belong to you and you are a thief and that will land you in jail.

If you have enough self-control not to steal, better keep off from rape. We are not begging rapists. We are letting them know that times have changed. You used to do it before no be now my brother. Your villagers made your dick to be always on fire, biko, go to brothels. If your girlfriend says No, better enter your bathroom and ease yourself off because I can be the kind of girlfriend that can’t watch you force me to having sex. Keep the love that doesn’t exist aside. If you can force me against my will, I will do what I can do against your will.

Someone said “how can you stay in the way of a moving train and not expect to be crushed”? I also ask now “Train is even too much. So you can see Keke na Pepe coming your way and still you run or avoid it? So you dodge even bicycle? You see motor, train etc coming your way and still you run as fast as you can but you feel you should bounce on the moving train of a woman’s body. That one no dey kill abi? It will land you in jail or even get you killed(use your tongue and count your teeth on how it can get you killed).

What wish do I have? I only wish my dog is alive so that some of you can go and learn from my dog ?.


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