100 BEAT PROJECT by Sokybeat

A little while back, music producer/sound engineer ’SOKYBEAT’ originated the idea to create a beat collection, which would contain a fusion and cross-pollination of sounds and genres. Through careful research and experimentation, each beat was intended to nicely blend various elements but still exude a particular individuality and euphoria. In creating this, he was picturing a scenario in which at least 60% of the biggest songs over the next two years would emerge from the production, and all these had to be fused into a maximum of 100 instrumentals!
 In culmination, it has been a bittersweet but successful journey, and it’s with great pleasure we present to the world his brainchild;
 All Instrumentals on the “100 Beat Project” are *NOT FOR LEASE* and the producer reserves all rights until the agreed purchase terms and conditions are met. Contact directly for any purchase/enquiry.
The *100 BEAT PROJECT* has its rates and contract backing, please endeavor to identify properly and contact the producer for terms and negotiations before using any instrumental. Any *FREE* instrumental would be properly and boldly stipulated in the caption, any other instrumental is for sale.
*MESA* [Free Beat] is dropping soon…
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